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For info and bookings call 845.537.5743

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So many of us are simply seeking Emes and are desperately clinging to a truth to nourish our parched souls. We are tired and oh so weary of deception and hypocrisy that ultimately leaves us with a gaping inner emptiness. For me and countless others who have found a deep and fulfilling connection to Hashem in Uman and through the inspired teachings of R’ Nachman, today I honor us with this uplifting song “רבינו - Vos iz Geshein? Uman iz Geshein.” It is our intention to emanate genuine simchas hachaim for all with the release of this single album.

If you were one of the thousands who joined me and Yoily Lebowitz in Uman, you will certainly connect to this uplifting melody that is representative of the inspiring transformation we all experienced during our davening. With this new song, we will once again connect to power of “Melech;” a new level of crowning Hashem our king B'rov Am.

R’ Shlomo Calrebach’s Orech Yomim was central to our Uman experience and has since kindled so many souls worldwide and therefore felt appropriate for the message “רבינו” is meant to convey. See you all in Uman!! L'chaim!

Produced by: Eli Lax & BERI
Musical Arrangements: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry

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