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The art of a Contractor
Easing Contractor’s Responsibilities
Making the Contractor’s job more efficient
Simplifying Contractor’s Demands

The art of a Contractor
Easing Contractor’s Responsibilities
Making the Contractor’s job more efficient
Simplifying Contractor’s Demands
Simplifying Contractor’s Jobs

In construction, contractors carry a tremendous workload when taking on a project, from the structural design to the architectural construction with the completion of the interior to the clients satisfaction; contractors appreciate working on a job in the most professional and simplified form.

OJBA understands the needs and obstacles facing construction workers and managers. In order to simplify contractor’s project responsibilities, OJBA brings together hundreds of industry professionals under one roof at the Interstate Expo - for a day to work on their business instead of in their business.

Attendees have an opportunity to network with likeminded professionals, meet new vendors, greet existing clients and to discover solutions that will ease the contractor’s workload. One aspect in construction is installing skylights in commercial and residential properties, and builders want to do it right.

From the building structure to preparing the right rooftop openings, the sophisticated yet simple mechanism needs proper electric wiring, waterproof sealing and customized design; the whole structural design will be demonstrated at the event by Isaac Oberlander, CEO of Airpower Skylights and his team at Booth # 800. They will explain the intricate details involved in constructing an airpower operated skylight which can be used on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

The Interstate Expo is two weeks away. Why not ease your workload? Make it your business to work on your business by attending this mega event.

Be a part of it!
Get exposure like never before
Network with the best in the industry
Meadowlands Exposition Center.

To sign up or for more info
Call: 845-763-0003
Email: info@interstateexpo.com
Web: https://interstateexpo.com


Literally, Interstate is a thoroughfare connecting one highway to the next. Anyone in the construction and management industry
can relate to the hectic day-to-day activities, tight scheduling, deadlines etc. It’s like driving a long stretch of highway with no
destination in sight.

Reroute onto an Interstate and get connected to broader horizons.

The Interstate Expo’s sole premise is to serve as an effective networking and educational platform for the community’s
construction and management industries spanning New York’s Orange and Rockland countries as well as the North Jersey regions.
It is the ideal venue for property developers, GC’s and subcontractors, construction professionals, realty managers, facility managers, institutional managers and professionals to build contacts lists, generate leads and close deals.

Attendees unite with likeminded professionals under one roof to communicate, connect and reconnect. Meeting with potential vendors and consumers at such a broad gamut of related industries yields linkage to new prospects at your fingertips. The key focus, say past Interstate Expo exhibitors and attendees, is associating and fortifying connections with existing clients in a pleasant and professional environ.

Exhibiting at the show earns your company recognition and affirms your credibility. Wholesale and retail suppliers, subcontractors,
professional service business and service providers utilize the exhibition opportunity to promote their brand, service or innovation.
A professional display at an Interstate Expo guarantees to escalate business growth.

The educational forum scheduled throughout the day offers tips of the trade and knowledgeable insights regarding the industry smarts and affiliations; providing valuable resources for start-ups and large scale-firms. Sharing information and learning from experts in the field has proven to generate productivity.

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