Yoely Lebovits - "My Yellow Bus" Music Video

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Chasidic Jewish entertainer Yoely Lebovits, aka Pester Rebbe singing Yellow Bus from the comedy CD "Purim Bailout". http://www.badchen.com
Filmed and edited by On Time Pro Video, Lyrics by Shauly Grossman, Music: Yitzy Landau, Recorded: Fountain Studio, Yossi Blumenberg Starring Yoely, Mordchai Hersh Hershkowitz, Avromi (Abe) Karpen, Pinny Korn, Suchi Gelbman, Shauly Grossman, Yitschuk Landau, Chaim Lebovits, Yoely Klein.

Original tune "Yellow Submarine" was a 1966 song by The Beatles

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