How to Seal a Bag of Chips without a Clip

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Twist ties and bag clips are for sissies. Here's how to keep an open bag of chips fresh with your bare hands.

Step 1: Squeeze
Squeeze the air out of the bag by flattening it.

Step 2: Roll
Roll the top of the bag all the way down to just above the chips.

Step 3: Fold
Fold back an inch or two on each side of the bag.

Use your thumbs to keep the corners pinned to the bag so the ends won’t unroll.

Step 4: Tuck in
Unroll the middle of the fold while also turning it partly inside out and wedging the corners underneath. It might take some practice, but you’ll get it!

Did You Know?
Potato chips were invented by a chef in Saratoga Springs, New York, when a customer complained that his fried potatoes weren’t thin enough!

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