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Part 1

Part 1

In 1977 the Jewish music scene was quite different than today. MBD had already released a few albums, with the album "I'd Rather Pray and Sing" being released the year before, Avraham Fried hadn't yet begun his professional adult career. Instead, there was the Ohr Chodosh, Yeshiva Diaspora, the Rabbi's Sons, and some others. Even the boy's choirs of today were either just starting out or non-existent. While Miami Boys choir was in the process of being established that very year, Tzlil V'zemer was still a few years away from forming, and the Yeshiva Boys choir a few decades.

In the USA there was Eli Teitelbaum's Pirchei Boys Choir, in England, Yigal Calek and the London School of Jewish Song. Yigal Calek a legendary composer and choir director was so popular back then, that in the early 1970's a young MBD once opened for a concert by the the London group.

Established in 1968, the London School of Jewish Song released in 1976 "London Live" an 11 track record of songs recorded live at concerts while touring Europe and the USA.

The footage below above a song off of the "London Live" album, as they performed live on a local Minneapolis television network, prior to their Chanukah concert arranged by Chabad of Minnesota, directed by Rabbi Moshe Feller.

The clip above begins right where the clip of Part 1 ends.

The reporter breifly intevies some of the boys, followed by the choir's performance of "Ani Maamin."

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