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Monsey NY - Jan 23rd
Brooklyn NY - Jan 24th
Passaic NJ - Feb 4th
Crown Heights NY - Feb 5th

After school was never this much fun!!

After School Boys Choir For Yeshiva Students

Kolainu Boys Choir was established in January of 2009 with boys from all different mainstream Yeshivas. Kolainu's sole purpose is to provide Yeshiva students with an opportunity to gain self confidence, have fun, make new friends and enjoy their love for music.

Kolainu was designed for Yeshiva students as an extra curricular activity. There are no tryouts and every child is a star. The choir has one grand performance annually for family and friends.

The choir is led by Elchonon Majeski. Elchonon has 20 years of experience conducting, composing and singing for large audiences. He is also a Miami Boys Choir Alumni, AKA PELLA member, and has sung on a variety of albums.

Kolainu offers a once in a lifetime rewarding experience for your child. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our program.

What Parents are saying....

“Elchonon I really have to thank you a thousand times over for the confidence and abilities you gave my son. He is now 20 and it was priceless in shaping his future “

Judy Frankel
Kolainu Bklyn Parent 2009

“The Kolainu boys choir is an exceptional outlet for boys of all ages . Elchonon runs the choir with so much excitement and passion and truly instills a love for singing and expression among all the boys. Choir is the highlight of my sons week and his confidence grows more with every practice.”

Atara Schechter
Kolainu Lakewood Parent 2018

“After only attending two Kolainu sessions my son was hooked. He has made a kesher with the other boys and counts the days down to the next session. I wish we would of known about this choir years ago. Elchonon not only teaches the boys songs; but his interactive games, friendship building skills and interactions with the boys is unbelievable. I strongly recommend the choir to all boys. “

Kolainu Bklyn Parent 2018

“We can't thank you enough! Our son is a different kid! He is so confident & feels so good about himself... it's really amazing! “

Shloimy & Rivky Fogel
Kolainu Lakewood Parents

Kolainu offers a once in a life time rewarding experience for your child.

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