8th Day - Miracle Of Light (Official Music Video)

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Special Thank You! goes to:
Gil and Dorene Fine and family.
The Hebrew Academy of Orange County and their amazing staff.

This video is brought to you in part by - www.alacrityenergy.com

Produced and Directed by Bentzi Marcus

Cinematographer - Levi Percia
2nd Camera Operator - Ricardo Sanchez
Producers Assistant - Yonatan Malliger
Lighting provided by Samson Productions - Elliott Samson
Lighting Assistant - Gabi Cohavy
Edit by Levi Percia
Set Design - Elliott Samson

Filmed on location at The Hebrew Academy in Huntington Beach, CA.

Taylor Green
Matt Marr
Anthony Qureshi

Drummer - Rosy Rosenquist
DJ Yoav
Juggler - David Cousin

Hebrew Academy kids choir:
Charna Greenman
Esther Lovitch
Eitan Bender
Chaim Blesofsky
Dovber Fried
Tani Geisinsky
Zalman Engel
Dovid Eilfort
Menashe Moran
Owen Nideffer
Shimshon Sufrin
Gavriel Greenspan
Kalev Hess
Gil Lichtmaher
Mayer Rapoport
Aviv Shayesteh
Mendel Zavdi
Rivkah Zavdi

Israeli Soldier - Roei Leon

Thank you:
Rabbi Yossi Rapoport, Leon family, Rashi Marcus, Bluma Marcus, Brian Drake, Spaun Drums, JH Audio, Avi Feder, Mendy Friedman, Nachum Segal, Yossi Zweig, Jeff Rosenquist, Carolyn Hilman, Perri Tabak, Yossi Burston.

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