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Witness it yourself, Be part of it,

Be there on 5.29.19

Reserve your booth / register to attend

Witness it yourself, Be part of it,

Be there on 5.29.19

Reserve your booth / register to attend



The word city connotates the hustle and bustle of city life, as in ‘The Big Apple.’ Anyone in the construction and management industry can relate to the hectic day-to-day activities, tight scheduling, deadlines etc. It’s like working all day in the city that never sleeps.

Time to experience the wider city in a pleasant and engaging business atmosphere and connect to broader horizons.

The Citywide Expo’s sole premise is to serve as an effective networking and educational platform for the community’s construction and management industries spanning New York City, Brooklyn and its neighboring boroughs. It is the ideal venue for property developers, GC’s and subcontractors, construction professionals, realty managers, facility managers, institutional managers and professionals to build contacts lists, generate leads and close deals.

Attendees unite with likeminded professionals under one roof to communicate, connect and reconnect. Meeting with potential vendors and consumers at such a broad gamut of related industries yields linkage to new prospects at your fingertips. The key focus, say past Citywide Expo exhibitors and attendees, is associating and fortifying connections with existing clients in a pleasant and professional environ.

Exhibiting at the show earns your company recognition and affirms your credibility. Wholesale and retail suppliers, subcontractors, professional service businesses and service providers utilize the exhibition opportunity to promote their brand, service or innovation. A professional display at an Citywide Expo guarantees to escalate business growth.

The educational forums scheduled throughout the day offers tips of the trade and knowledgeable insights regarding the industry smarts and affiliations; providing valuable resources for start-ups and large scale-firms. Sharing information and learning from experts in the field has proven to generate productivity.

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