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זו כבר שנה חמישית ברציפות שהאדמו"ר ממודז'יץ עורך את מעמד ההדלקה בציון הרשב''י במירון....

זו כבר שנה חמישית ברציפות שהאדמו"ר ממודז'יץ עורך את מעמד ההדלקה בציון הרשב''י במירון בצהריי היום ע"י גג הציון הקדוש, בליווי מקהלת חסידי מודז'יץ בניצוחו של ר' אורי בקנרוט ובעלי המנגנים משה מנדלסון, אברהם בלטי ואברימי מושקוביץ

YERUSHALAYIM - As the celebrations at Meron for Lag BaOmer drew to a close on Thursday evening, organizers and police officials reviewed the event which drew as many as half a million participants from all over the Jewish world.

It was undoubtedly one of the most successful such gatherings in the long history of the Meron on Lag BaOmer.

Despite the extreme crowding amid a heat wave, the throngs were peaceful and joyous throughout. Over 5,000 police were deployed to keep order, but hardly an incident was reported.
lag baomer

In a departure from the “tradition” of past years, this year there were no reports of transportation foulups, thousands of families stranded with no way to get home, or buses and cars that couldn’t gain access to the site. One could only infer that the vast network of buses and shuttles to and from Meron from all over the country worked beautifully.

Approximately 730 people were treated by medical personnel at Meron, most of the injuries reported by MDA, Hatzalah and Zaka were in the nature of light burns, exhaustion and dehydration, and minor bruises.

The authorities located some 300 children who were separated from their parents, and parents looking for their children.

Police said they received 5,600 complaints or requests of various kinds during the night and day of the festivities.

The lighting of the bonfire of the chassidei Toldos Aharon formally concluded the great day.

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