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In time for Kabalas Hatorah, Dirshu announces the massive World Siyum which will take place February 9, 2020 at the Prudential Center.

After millions of hours of rigorous learning, millions of questions answered, and a constant commitment to acquire Torah knowledge, over 20,000 lomdim will celebrate on one night, with one goal.

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The Dirshu World Siyum

Millions of dafim, millions of questions answered, endless hours of ameilus and dedication, will all culminate at the World Siyumim held in 7 locations across the globe. Throughout the limud of shas over 25,000 lomdim immersed themselves in the world of gemara with the Dirshu system of accountability, to ensure that they truly retain the knowledge they acquire. Gedolei Yisroel, Rabbonim, family members of the Dirshu lomed and yidden from all walks of life will join in an uplifting celebration of Ameilus B’torah. Be in the moment, be inspired forever.

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