World Wide Plumbing Supply Proud Sponsors of the OJBA 2018 Citywide Event







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Networking always starts with a little bit of research and we wanted to take you up close and personal at the World Wide Plumbing Supply facilities in Staten Island.

World Wide Plumbing Supply is a renowned industry giant in terms of providing domestic and commercial plumbing supplies and fixtures to owners and builders. At the facility, products are constantly being loaded on docking vehicles to be shipped ‘worldwide’.

There’s always a lot happening at World Wide, but when they heard about OJBA’s success stories at Interstate, the owners at World Wide decided to sign up as sponsors to our upcoming event. Although they remain industry leaders and have full schedules on the job, they’ve noticed the importance of being where they should be this May.

The company’s operational manager, Chaim Grunwald, spoke to us about the upcoming event and the buzz of activity which a day at World Wide involves.

World Wide Plumbing carries an extensive line of domestic cast iron products and builder grade fixtures, with a specialty shipping service and expedited time frames. While the team works hard to uphold that promise, they will be spending a day at OJBA’s Citywide Event to speak to their clients about how to keep improving the stats.

Their approach is what we call positive growth in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Be a part of it! Get exposure like never before and network with the best in the industry

Meadowlands Exposition Center.

All you need to know about OJBA.

Welcome and thank you for taking interest in the Orthodox Jewish Builders Association. Before reading on, it’s important to highlight OJBA’s core mission and principle. Founded largely due to a commitment to the community, we believe that ‘a brother should help his brother’ and we have expanded this mission to include tips of the trade that are of indescribable value to builders, developers, GCs and specialty subs. Information is priceless and being guided by way of latest government regulations, building codes and available resources and techniques, we are game changers in the industry.

Whether you’re an accredited property developer, large scale GC or subcontractor that offers a premium select service, your business model is the premise of your success. True to its exponential growth and marginal valuations, the construction market is rapidly expanding. The question is, will you measure up in terms of exposure and continuance? OJBA’s regional Catskills division has officiated 3 consecutive builder shows in an annual event that’s been running since 2015. The mission is completely focused, with a select attendee/ exhibitor ratio for optimal exposure and awareness. Our past events, primarily in the Catskills region, have hit 70 booths and counting, and last year’s OJBA Interstate Event had over 250 booths. By teaming the regional experts in property development and management, we’ve successfully established a mutual information board based on common industry experts and their services. Nothing is quite as powerful as business chemistry and we’ve further streamlined our strategy via arranging the exhibit hall so that every vendor in the builder oriented umbrella of services gets its best foot forward. In that perspective, contractors and subs aren’t placed in order of category. Instead, the service oriented booths are scattered throughout the event floor, providing opportunity to a wider range of service specialists.

Learn how you can maximize your regional connections and compete in a most competitive market. The Orthodox Jewish Builder’s Association is a focused support and connectivity group for the growing construction businesses within our communities. Exhibitors get to connect to builders and developers, forming relationships that can lead to mentorships, business interactions and shared expertise. Forums are available for knowledgeable insights regarding the industry smarts and affiliations, providing valuable resources to startups and large scale firms. The OJBA is also a great way for your employees to get face to face interaction with contractual developers and service businesses which they communicate with on a regular basis.

Building better builders.
One handshake at a time.

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