7 Tricks Get Broken Key Out Yourself - Any Lock or Key

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7 different tricks to get that broken key out of any lock
how anyone can remove a broken key fr....

7 different tricks to get that broken key out of any lock
how anyone can remove a broken key from any lock with common household tools. doors, cars, trucks, boats, helecopters, snowmobiles, padlocks, heavy machinery. simple demo video from
quick and informative broken key removal vid from the handyman zone. watch and learn how to get the broken key stub out of any lock with common household tools, saving the locksmiths minimum $300 service call charge

using a cheap lock for visual plaY , although the same methods will work for any type or manufacture of lock. home, auto, truck, boat, aircraft, heavy machinery , safes.

Dino Pinch your expert licensed handyman teaches 7 or 8 different methods of broken key extraction. From old wire coat hanger to real professional broken key extraction tool

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