Toy (Netta) - Yeshiva Boy by Beatdos (Acapella Cover)

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Our kosher version to Netta's "Toy", didn't see that coming, did you? Lol
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Audio and Video production: Reuven Chajoun
Arrangement: Beatdos
Lyrics: Sahar Haluzy and Gil Samuel

Look at you,
You’re wonderful creatures,
Shouldn’t care about those modern time preachers,
Welcome boys to the class at yeshiva,
Hey, one thing I’ve forgotten to say,
HA” always guiding our way,
All you need to do is pray pray pray,
HA” never leaves you alone,
Through darkness he”s leading you home,
Know that and you reached a mile stone,
There is one thing you should never forget,
You’re divine and have a soul to connect,
You’re bakakm boy,

Yeshiva boy,
Embrace your joy,
Let’s all unite and spread our light,
This is how we do on the meshigene beat,

We’re gonna tell it all,
A story bout a nation seven decades back,
Oh lord please hear our call,
Spread amongst all countries our days are black,
And I’m talking to HA” at night before I go to bed,
Wishing we will all unite,
No hate but love instead,
And this message’s coming from my heart,

Yeshiva boy...

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