"Happy Days" - Mordechai Ben David (Song) + Lyrics in the Description - The English Collection







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 Motty Ruttner   

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Do you stop and wonder
What's going on,
Can you remember happy days
Where have they gone.

Life goes by so fast
Nothing seems to last,
People feel the squeeze is on
It's really a shame.

Can you hear the thunder
Do you feel the pain,
So many tragedies, disasters
So insane.

There seems to be no end
To this terrifying trend,
And everyone you talk to
Feels the same.


But many happy days are coming now
So won't you please listen to me
We'll all be singing, dancing, laughing
Everybody just you wait and see
Miracles amazing wonders
Like no one's ever seen before
It's finally that magic moment
We have all been waiting for.

All the senseless hating
Who knows why,
When there is so much good to see
Shouldn't we try.

And rather than reject
Just admire and respect,
Must we feel like strangers
When we really are one.

It's so irritating
Like a thorny rose,
A generation all confused
Where everything goes,
Where right and wrongs the same
Even sin has lost it's shame
Perhaps the final chapters just begun.


There's no denying
That the feeling's low,
You feel the pressure
Got the blues
What do you know.

We seek a helping hand
It's so hard to understand,
How life can turn so vicious
So absurd and unfair.

We saw millions dying
We were left to cry
While all the nations of the world
Just turned an eye
Despite the raging tears
We have suffered all these years
Never we'll surrender to despair.

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