Beri Weber 2EC" Official Music Video (Tuisee) תעיתי Acappella Version







   שום סרט לא עובד? נסה לגלוש במצב 2
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Artist Beri Weber
Song 2EC Tuisee
Album Ben Melech

For Bookings and Info
Hazamar Corp: 845.537.5743

Artist Beri Weber
Song 2EC Tuisee
Album Ben Melech
Composer Beri Weber & Naftali Schnitzler

Cappella Music Arranger Beri Weber
Video Produced & Written by Beri Weber
Video filmed by Rombus Digital

This is the official Acappella video featuring “2EC" from Beri Weber's album called ''Ben Melech ‘’,
this song is 100%Beri Weber vocals Drum, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth, Strings, & Chior all arranged & sung by Beri weber

תעיתי כשה אובד בקש עבדיך כי מצוותיך לא שכחתי (psalms119 last verse)
Reb Nachman of Breslev in his sefer Likutay Maharan explains with a parable of a sheep that was wandering away from its herd and its shepherd. His shepherd seeing that the poor sheep is going to get lost makes a whistling noise with his mouth to make the sheep aware that he is going in the wrong direction, but the sheep thinking it wasn’t meant for him keeps on walking towards his desired destination. The shepherd realizing that the sheep did not get the message at all, takes a little pebble and throws it towards the sheep to call him back again, and then a bigger stone, but as before the sheep views this incident as some natural occurrence that is normal for his rough environment and goes on, until he’s completely lost, and realizes that his protecter, his dear shepherd is not in his eyesight, and before he knows, night falls, and he is all alone. So this lonely lost sheep remembers now that he got a stone thrown at him and it was his loving shepherd that tried to warn him not to go in the direction where he thought was for his good. He starts crying and hoping that his shepherd will hear his voice, his cry, so he will know that he is not happy in his place where he is right now and hopefully he will have mercy and go out of his way to take him back home …………………..
This video is dedicated to all of us addicted to any addiction wether it is money, food, technology, smoking, drinking, drugs, and what not.. and feels stuck and is finding himself trapped and lost with no seemingly way out, NEVER give up!!, the way out is #1: KNOWING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM and #2: NEVER TO GIVE UP ON PRAYING AND LETTING YOURSELF BEING HEARD THROUGH YELLING AND PRAYING TO HASHEM

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The Acappella song will be available soon on iTunes
the original song Tuisee from the album Ben Melech is available on iTunes for download
the complete album is also available on iTunes featuring 11 songs
the songs is Also available on most music websites like amazon google play and so on
also on these jewish music websites search for Beri Weber

Artist: Beri Weber
Song: “2EC"
Album: Ben Melech
Produced by Beri Weber
Cappella and Effects by Beri Weber
video & Photographer M Gilden
Edits & Visual Effects by Rombus Digitalr"
Composer: Beri Weber & Naftali Schnitzler
Album Producer Naftaly Schnizler
Recorded at: Nochi Krohn Studios
Acappella director C.D.Eichler
Acappella vocals mixed Nochi Krohn

Special thanks to Shia Kish Kish
Shloimy Reichberg
Chaim Duvid Eichler
Avrum Rosenberg
and the one and only Pester Ruv Yoeli Lebowitz

Benjamin Kluger
Shabsy Brodey
Rabbi Sh. M. Roth
Zalmy Derbaremdiger
Yossi Rosen
Yitzy Lebowitz
Shimon Srulowitz
Sruly Goldenburg
Yitzy Avni
Zalmy Goldman

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