Gabriel Tumbak feat. Gad Elbaz - Rise Again - גבריאל טומבק מארח את גד אלבז - בתפארה







   שום סרט לא עובד? נסה לגלוש במצב 2
 Gabriel Tumbak   

 פורסם לפני 4 שנים

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Download now :

Produced by : NS Event & Gabriel Tumbak

Directed by Nathalie Carollo
Executive Producer : NS Events

Music by Julien Thomas & Gad Elbaz
Lyrics by Jeak & Julien Thomas

Music Producer : Tiborg
Recorded & Mixed by Tiborg at TMP Recordings, France
Mastered by Spreader at TMP Recordings, France

Tiborg appears courtesy of TMP Recordings.

Technical Support : Eli Hertzberg

Shot at Omega Studio, Studio Bercy and Annecy Airport

Director of Photography : Violaine Bellart
Assistant Director : Abby Shoot
Technicians : Dimitri Rougeul, Alexandra Carollo
Make up : Phenix C

Set photographer : Steve Kempf
Assistant : Gershon Stein

Artwork by NS Events

Special thanks to :

Elie Schwab
Shlomi Cohen for Zoab Entertainment
Dan Cohen
Véro & Nelson at Omega Studio, Paris
Brice at Sudio Bercy
Amandine Frey and Jeak at TMP Recordings

Additional thanks to :

Amalia Papir, Margalit Spiegler
Yossi Zweig and NSN Radio
Hillel Greenberger, Koby Salomon, Mendel Davis, Miriam Rubin
Everyone at Studio Bercy
Everyone at NS Events
Karim Aoudia and Annecy Airport staff and flight crew

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Lyric :

I can’t take your place, and fix it all
I can’t take the weight off for what you’ve done
I can’t stop the way your life is turning out, turning out, turning o-ut, yeah

All you need is to feel the way so real inside and know the love above
All you need is to kneel and pray to find the strength in you to rise again.

הוּא הָיָה הוּא הוֹוֶה הוּא יִהְּיֶה בְּתִפְּאָרָה

Can you feel the beat, leading you on
Can you feel your heart jump to the sound
Can you feel that bass, you know it’s catching on.

Music makes you find the way so real inside and feel the love above
All you need is to kneel and pray to find the strength in you to rise again.


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