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The Debut album is now available on:

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Official Music Video by NACHAS performing Ah Simcha

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"AH SIMCHA!" That is the time when we find ourselves rejoicing. When we forget our worries, forget all the pain in the world and just dance, & get lost in the moment. It's when we dance with a Chosson, a Kallah, or a Bar Mitzvah boy. This is a time when we take our friends by the hand & connect on such a high level spiritually & joyeously, that the Gates of Heaven break open. All the Malachim, and HaKodesh Baruch Hu Himself, join together in our celebration. AH SIMCHA!! There is nothing like it.

Ah Simcha is a Sparks Next Production

Produced by:
Danny Finkelman

Directed by:
Vineet Verma

Song composed by:

Original track produced by:
Shloime Kaufman

Remix for video produced and arranged by:
Ruli Ezrachi

Backup vocals:
Shloime Kaufman

DP - Alex Zingaro
Assistant camera - Brandon Pro

Thank you:
The Turner Family
The Newman Family
Yosef Shidler- Cool Jew Studios - 718.781.6405

Eliezer Blejer- Simcha Connections

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קליפ חדש מבית היוצר של הזמר נחת לשיר 'א שמחה' מדבר על שתי שמחות עיקריות בחייו - בר מצווה וחתונות. הקליפ הופק על ידי דני פינקלמן, ועל העיבוד הופקד רולי אזרחי

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