Petachya: Serving Israel’s Special Needs Children From Birth Onward







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For over 20 years Petachya has been changing the lives of special....

For over 20 years Petachya has been changing the lives of special needs children and their families, providing a comprehensive range of high quality educational and therapeutic services to those with developmental delays, Down syndrome and other disabilities. Placing a special emphasis on mainstreaming special needs children with a focus on future independence as productive members of society, Petachya empowers clients to maximize their true potential from infancy on.

“The name Petachya, from the Hebrew root meaning “to open,” encapsulates our belief that by giving special-needs children the physical, cognitive and emotional support they need, as well as personal, social and behavioral skills, we can open doors to their success. Our vision is to enable each and every child to maximize their abilities and talents, to enable them to fully and meaningfully integrate into society and lead an independent adult life.”

Petachya’s modus operandi is inclusion. We believe that special-needs children deserve equal opportunity to grow, learn and thrive in a supportive, loving environment that empowers them to be independent, productive and contributing members of society. Thanks to our team of leading pedagogical and paramedical professionals, Petachya has earned the respect of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, and works in collaboration with government offices, regional councils and local authorities in providing educational frameworks and therapeutic services to thousands of special-needs children and their families throughout the country, from all backgrounds and socio-economic levels.

From primary intervention and support for parents right after the birth of a special-needs child, through comprehensive diagnostic services and therapies and onto rehabilitative daycare centers, language-oriented kindergartens, preschools for the developmentally delayed and mainstreaming programs, Petachya is Israel’s leading network of early childhood special education services.

Petachya’s far reaching programming includes rehabilitative daycare centers, kindergartens for the developmentally delayed, language-oriented kindergartens, kindergartens for children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and the newest Pituchim School.

538 staff members, special-ed teachers, assistants, social workers, psychologists and therapists – provide the best therapies to address all types of disabilities.

Petachya’s motto is inclusion and its mission is to fully integrate children with special needs into society. Alongside each special-needs class is a typical class, wherein the children with special needs are regularly integrated according to their individualized integration program.

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