94 Geonim “Shas Yiden” gather for the Annual Siyum of 470 Shasim & Public Farher on the Entire Shas







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The Torah world has closely followed the exciting annual gathering at which the Shas Yiden geonim conclude the entire Shas, once....


The Torah world has closely followed the exciting annual gathering at which the Shas Yiden geonim conclude the entire Shas, once again. Before the Siyum, they faced a public examination on the entire Shas, which, in the last year alone, they have EACH covered a minimum of FIVE times. As has been done each year, the gathering is honored by the appearance of Maranan v’Rabbanan the Gedolei Hatorah of our generation. They all came to express their appreciation of the young geonim of the Shas Yiden Network, founded by the Pozna Rov, Hagaon Harav Avrohom Eisen, of Brooklyn, NY. During these last 13 years, Shas Yiden has brought about a worldwide Torah revolution. Its watchword is: “Lo bashomayim hee” – “It is not in Heaven” to know the entire Shas in depth with all-encompassing knowledge and comprehension.”

The magnificent gathering was an opportunity to recognize the rapid expansion of the Shas Yiden network. The dais seated some 94 avreichim geonim, all completely proficient in the entire Shas. The network has six kollelim: Yerushalayim, Beit Shemesh, Beitar, Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer and Stamford Hill in London, UK. This Torah reality crushes the long-believed myth that knowing Shas in its entirety is something from the past. Here, for all to see, is the fulfillment of the brocho of the Sar Hatorah, Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, the Nasi of Shas Yiden. For over a decade, when Kollel Shas Yiden was just a minyan of avreichim in a small room in Beit Shemesh, Rav Kanievsky spoke of the vision of the Pozna Rov, and blessed and encouraged him to establish additional branches of Shas Yiden. To many it appeared to be a distant and, maybe, an impossible vision, but today it is clearly a vibrant reality.


This year, especially, Hagaon Harav Chaim was so enthused by the great growth of Shas Yiden. Aside from his personal appearance at the event, he also brought his personal letter to be read aloud at the Siyum on his behalf by his chavrusa, Hagaon Harav Yisroel Meir Druk. In the letter, he praises the greatness of Shas Yiden. “Praiseworthy are these talmidei chachomim, outstanding in their great knowledge of Torah, the entire Shas Bavli in breadth and depth. These are Emesdike (true) Shas Yiden, whom I have personally tested, and I found them beki’im gedolim (exceptionally proficient) in the entire Shas.”

Maran Sar Hatorah also noted the great revolution in the Torah world that the Pozna Rov began 13 years ago. As a result, the concept of Shas Yiden is not confined to history – rather, the Shas Yiden story has inspired other efforts in the Torah world to learn the ‘whole Shas’. He also highlighted the fact that the Shas Yiden avreichim are not only au fait in the Gemora of the Shas, but they constantly review all the Gemora, Rashis and Tosfos throughout the year to know it all b’al peh. “Praised is the Pozna Rov that he merited to be the Nachshon (the very first) with this idea to establish such kollelim, and to raise up incredible talmidei chachomim who merit to study Gemora, Rashi and Tosfos, and to do a siyum of the entire Shas each year, through great effort and with great clarity.”

When he concluded reading the letter, Rav Druk added, in the name of Hagaon Yitzchak Shaul, son of Rav Chaim, how much his father enjoys and looks forward to the visits of the Shas Yiden avreichim when they come to be farherd.

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מדהים: 94 גאוני "ש"ס איד'ן" נבחנו על הש"ס כולו

במעמד מרנן ורבנן ובראשם שר התורה הגר"ח קנייבסקי נשיא הכוללים התכנסו ב'ש"ס אידן' למעמד השנתי המסכם את לימוד ושינון הש"ס כולו גפ"ת במשך השנה שעברה | שר התורה במכתב נרגש: "אלו ש"ס אידן אמיתיים. אשרי הגר"א אייזן שזכה להיות הנחשון להעמיד אברכים שמסיימים ונבחנים כל הש"ס מדי שנה בשנה | הרב מבאיאן יצא בריקוד נלהב עם מייסד הכוללים הגר"א אייזן גאב"ד פוזנא | הרבי מצאנז התבטא: "בעת הקמת הכולל חשבנו שזה ליחידים, אך לגודל שמחתנו זה רק הולך וגדל. המייסד גאב"ד פוזנא הוא השליח של כלל ישראל" | המשפיע הגר"א בידרמן במעמד: "פמליא של מעלה רוקדים כעת לכבוד הש"ס אידן בשירת 'מעין עולם הזה' – על המעמד הנורא שמתקיים כאן בעולם".

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