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   שום סרט לא עובד? נסה לגלוש במצב 2

 פורסם לפני 3 שבועות

פרעזענטירט לכבוד ל"ג בעומר תש"פ צום היסטארישער "פערטל מיליאן הזכרות" ביים הייליגן תנא רבי שמעון, דורך עסקני "אהל הרשב"י" בראשות פון רבי שמעון'ס גבאי רבי שרגא שניצער שליט"א

אומזיסטע סערוויס פאר כלל ישראל: ברענגען א פערטל מיליאן הזכרות מכל קצוי תבל צום ציון הקדוש פונעם תנא רשב"י זי"ע אין מירון ביומא דהילולא קדישא | ציל: אנצוהאלטן יערליכער הזכרה-פלייץ פון איבער דער גארער וועלט | צוגעשטעלט דורך: בארימטע פעביוואד פירמע

Presented in honor of Lag Beomer 2020 to the historical "quarter-million-kvitel campaign" in honor of the Ohel Rashbi volunteers led by Reb Shimon's "Gaba" Reb Shrage Schnitzer.

A free service for Klal Yisroel: Bringing a quarter-million kvitlach from all over the world to reb Shimon's kever in miron on the day of the yartzeit

Sponsored by Fabuwood

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Rabi Shimon’s Gabbai

R’ ShragaSchnitzer, also known as Rabi Shimon’s Gabbai, has earned his reputation for many years as the one who ensures that every Yid that travels to Rabi Shimon should be as comfortable as possible. The fact that R’ Shraga will be petitioning on your behalf, free of charge, means the world to whoever is familiar with Meron. The fact that he will be standing on his feet and reading a quarter of a million hazkaros throughout Lag Ba’omer speaks for itself.

Who doesn’t know R’ Shraga? A personable, charming, white-bearded Yid that’s perpetually seen running around the ohel and courtyard of Rashbi, and instead of praying like everyone else, he is busy providing food and beverages and ensuring that everyone is satiated and content.

The time of day doesn’t matter. Be it late at night or mid-day, you will always be welcomed by R’ Shraga, with his sweet smile and a plate of kugel… He doesn’t want your appreciation, nor is he after your money. All he wants is for you to make a bracha and enjoy…

The only thing he really and truly wants is that you leave the place feeling satisfied. He wants everyone to know that you can go to Rabi Shimon and pray for as long as your heart desires, without worry, and know that you can always count on a place to sit down and enjoy a scrumptious meal….

R’ Shraga has a house. He doesn’t live in Meron. He lives in Bnei Brak. But Rabi Shimon’s kever is the place he calls home. He travels there on a daily basis to distribute food, and despite the fact that he runs into astronomical costs and he doesn’t have the money, he never complains.

“Rabbi Shimon’s zechusim are here,” he claims, “and when a bill needs to get paid the funds invariably appear. I’m not worried. Miracles are constantly happening, and I already learned that Rabi Shimon is always at my side, ever ready to help”…

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