Catskills Hatzalah - Terrifying Video Shows Moment Boy Nearly Drowned in Pool







   שום סרט לא עובד? נסה לגלוש במצב 2

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Marketing by FriedCo Media

My child fell into the pool.

Marketing by FriedCo Media

My child fell into the pool.

A terrible accident on the freeway.

My neighbor is not responding.

#Hatzalah! #Hatzolah!

The cry, although chilling, has a reassuring ring to it. We rely on Catskills Hatzalah at a subconscious level, and as soon as we hear Hatzalah rushing to a call, we breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the patient is in the best possible hands.

Anyone who knows a #CatskillsHatzalah volunteer knows why they are synonymous with rushing. With unparalleled selflessness, they drop whatever they are doing, leave whatever event they are attending, and rush to the scene where they quickly get to work saving lives. A Hatzalah volunteer knows no boundaries and no limitations; if there is a chance of saving a life, they are already on the way.

In addition to the regular everyday calls, the Catskills comes along with a whole new avalanche of mishaps. Volunteers go through specialized training to be equipped to deal with anything that comes their way. Their professionalism and experience ensure that every call gets handled expeditiously and with care.

Although the Catskill population explodes in the summer months, there are also plenty of year-round residents who need Catskills Hatzalah’s service 24 - 7 - 365. Even people that do not travel upstate for the summer also owe a debt of gratitude to these heroes. How else would one rest easy while sending away our dear children to the other end of the state? Knowing that Catskill Hatzalah is always there to rush to the call saves us from untold anxiety.

Our life experiences have taught us to trust the commitment of every Catskills Hatazlah member.

We cannot fathom a world without the peace of mind that Catskills Hatzalah provides. With over 1000 square miles to cover, their response time is nothing short of miraculous. More than 400 members and 15 state-of-the-art ambulances make sure that no call goes unanswered. Their nonstop rush to serve the community obligates us all to rush and answer their call.

Thursday Aug/06 Through Sunday, Aug/09 Catskills Hatzalah is flipping the script and is asking us to answer their call.

Our whole community will come together and demonstrate that we can show the same selflessness and rush to help them reach their goal of $1,000,000.00.

They always rush to answer our call, now is the time for us to rush and answer their call.

אידן טייערע,

הם רצים, ואנו רצים!

זיי לויפן ראַטעווען — פאַר אונז!

מיר לויפן העלפן זיי — פאַר אונז!

קיינער לייגט עס נישט אָפּ. ס׳ברענט די הויט! יעדע נדבה מיינט אַ לעבן געראטעוועט!

א הצלה וואָלונטיר בעט דיך אַ נדבה פאר זיין פּעידזש?

לויף און טו עס!

גאַלאָפּיר און שטעל דיין נדבה!

יאָג דיך און געב אים דעם חיזוק!

ער טוט דאָס פאַר דיר, מיט׳ן גאַנצן האַרץ — מיר טוען דאָס פאַר אים, מיט׳ן גאַנצן האַרץ!


פון דאָנערשטאָג ביז זונטאָג. נישטאָ קיין סאַך צייט.

מיר מוזן זיך יאָגן, אַלע אינאיינעם, צו מאַכן דעם ציל; באווייזן דעם גאָול.

דער זייגער לויפט — אַ מיליאָן פאַר קעטסקילס הצלה — לאָמיר לויפן!!!

מיר אַלע לויפן — מיט געלט און נדבות — אַז קעטסקילס הצלה וועט ווייטער קענען לויפן!

רא״ש וראשון — קעטסקילס הצלה ביי אונז דאָס ערשטע!

טען עוד